Why? Nellie Taft!

I’m definitely feeling fall and looking for perfect clothing pieces to transition to the new, cozy season. Which is why I jumped at the chance to partner with Nellie Taft to get the word out about their cute, comfortable, reasonably-priced, made-in-the-USA brand. Check out their pre-fall collection here.


I selected the Mallory Cardigan, which is super soft, really pretty, and the perfect light weight to transition into cooler fall days. And it’s only $44!

Nellie Taft was co-founded by Annie Lempke, a Cleveland gal who is definitely out there doing great (and cute) things in the world. I’ll let you tell her more about Nellie Taft in her own words:

I’ve always had a big heart for all things Made in the USA. I also have a blog, This Land Was Made For You — it’s geared towards all things made in America, how to use local places to stay and eat when traveling, etc. It’s not updated as frequently as I want but I’m about to embark on a big road trip and hope to start routinely posting new content.

I was born and raised in CLE and still live here! The enthusiasm that people in our community have about supporting other locals and CLE businesses has helped me spark an appreciation for wanting to keep my dollars as close to home as I can. Throughout this process, I’ve learned that money and business is a language that people all throughout the world speak and one of the most powerful  decisions you make on a daily basis is where you spend your money. 

Nellie Taft herself was wife to president William H. Taft. She was the First Lady from 1909-1913 and is responsible for the planting of the famous Cherry Blossom Trees in Washington, D.C. Rumor has it, if times were up to speed, she could of run the White House herself and was very involved politically—so much so that it stirred controversy.

I own the company with a friend, Hayley Morgan who lives in Indy and also owns a small children’s clothing company, Wildly Co. which has a lot of the same principles as Nellie does. We started Nellie small, as we didn’t take on any investors and used our savings to get it off the ground. We don’t have a ton of inventory because we aren’t interested is taking on debt and are determined to be a-ok with growing slowly. We get our clothes from a handful of manufacturers that are all based in LA. It’s our hope that once we have the resources, we will be able to travel to the manufacturing facilities and meet the people who are making our clothes, develop deeper relationships with them, and support them in more ways than just buying their clothes. The ship the clothes from our small warehouse in Indianapolis (where Hayley lives) and I do the big chunk of the marketing, web, and social media work.

We’re thrilled with its growth so far, and I am hoping to do a handful of pop-up shops as the holiday season draws near while teaming up with other local businesses to hold workshops of some kind while being able to shop! 

How awesome is that?! I can see how Clevelanders’ passionate support of all things local could inspire entrepreneurship based on that principle. Plus, the political science major (and feminist) in me loves the Nellie Taft inspiration!

I know I’ll be keeping my eyes open for the Nellie Taft pop-up shops this holiday season! If you’re looking for clothes that are fun, functional, and with a Cleveland connection, be sure to check out Nellie Taft on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

***Disclosure: I was asked to help promote Nellie Taft. In exchange, I received one complimentary clothing item of my choice. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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