Why? LaunchHouse!

When I started working from home, I was excited to have more freedom and more time with Jeffrey. I was also nervous and could feel really isolated sometimes. Which is why, even though I’m mostly past feeling that way, the concept of LaunchHouse really resonated with me.


LaunchHouse is a community of shared workspace, where entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, and more come for not only a place to work, but also a way to share ideas and encouragement and resources.

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LaunchHouse not only provides communal office space, but also access to copying, conference rooms, WiFi, mail services, coffee and snacks, Lunch and Learns, happy hours, and more.

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LaunchHouse was founded by Todd Goldstein, with the idea that if we could create an open space for people who don’t fit neatly into a corporate box to do their work, learn from each other, and be part of a community. By allowing their creativity a space to flourish, LaunchHouse not only launches new businesses, but also keeps those businesses in Cleveland.

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I spent a morning chatting with the folks at LaunchHouse and getting some work done too and I have to say that I was instantly hooked on the relaxed, communal vibe and could sense how quickly you could gain inspiration and be super productive in that environment.


Plus, LaunchHouse is dog-friendly and how could you not want to hang out with Tori…


LaunchHouse has various membership options:

  • Day pass for $15
  • Community membership for $30 per month (invitations to events, plus one day pass per month)
  • Flex membership for $200 per month (unlimited communal office space, invitations to events, mail service, etc.)
  • Private office for $500 per month

Click here to learn more or apply to LaunchHouse.

As we move away from traditional corporate jobs, places like LaunchHouse embrace those outside-the-box folks and give them a place to feel like a part of community of like-minded doers and dreamers.

***Disclosure: I was invited to come check out LaunchHouse with a complimentary day pass. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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  1. So cool – I’ve heard of LaunchHouse but didn’t know much about it. I work out of my home for my consulting business and could see this being a good organization to get to know. Thanks!

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