Why? Pete the Cat!

One of the projects at Jeffrey’s school involves the storybook “Pete the Cat.” The kids got really into the story and even created their own class version of it. Then, Pete himself appeared and every child got a chance to take Pete home for a few days. So, here’s what Pete did at our house:

Pete got to know the natives. While he and the dogs are on uneasy terms…


…Pete was able to find some feline friends in Cali and Halloween Cat.


He also found some familiar reading material to make him feel comfortable.


Jeffrey treated Pete to a concert, a cookie, and some play time with friends.

Since the weather was so beautiful, Pete also spent lots of time playing outside!

As a member of the Hathaway Brown community, Pete of course attended Light the Night to support the Blazers.


He played games…


…and even found a guitar to strum.


The line for the East Coast Frozen Custard truck at Light the Night was a bit long. And since ice cream is like catnip for Jeffrey, his momma, and Pete, we headed to Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream for a sweet treat.

IMG_6993 (2)

Pete has an adventurous streak, so a trip to Cedar Point seemed the best way to spend our Saturday. Pete rode the carousel and the “crazy corner cars” (as Jeffrey calls them)…

IMG_6996 (2)

…but was quite disappointed that he didn’t make the height requirement for the Raptor.


He did get to trick-or-treat, though!


Pete was also a big winner at the arcade and took home a yo-yo from his skeeball skills.


Pete also got to meet Jeffrey’s grandma and do some baking with her.


Pete might have had a few too many sprinkles.


And of course Pete spent a lot of time cheering on Jeffrey’s favorite team, the Cleveland Indians!

Most important, Pete and Jeffrey formed a lifelong friendship (and tired each other out!)



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