Why? Michaelangelo’s Amarone Wine Dinner!

In order to properly prepare myself for Thanksgiving, I put on my eatin’ pants (OK, a boxy dress) and headed to Michaelangelo’s for their Amarone Wine Dinner.

Michaelangelo’s is one of those restaurants that fell into a black hole for me…I always heard great things, but somehow never got there. After last night’s dinner, though, I have a feeling I’ll be a regular at this charming and delicious Little Italy spot.

We started our evening with prosecco (as all evenings should start) and a selection of appetizers, including crostini with artichoke espuma, arancini, and crimini mushrooms stuffed with ricotta and spinach and truffle cream.


I tried to restrain myself, knowing how many courses were to come, but the appetizers were delicious!

We were treated to the history and wine-making techniques associated with Amarone wines, courtesy of Alfred from Southern Glazers. These big red wines pack a higher alcohol content, but also a lot of body and flavor.

Our antipasto course was an Ora King Salmon torte, served with baby arugula, white peach emulsion, and Amarone glaze.


Next was the risotto course (shouldn’t risotto always have it’s own course?!), with Amarone risotto with grilled Nebrodini Bianco mushrooms.


Rich, earthy, and so delicious!

Our next course was grilled New Zealand lamb chops with parmesan roasted cauliflower and red currant-Amarone reduction.


The lamb was tender, flavorful, and perfectly cooked and the cauliflower could make anyone love eating their vegetables. This course was paired with Valpolicella Ripasso, a more cost-friendly version of Amarone.

Our last savory course was braised beef shortrib with dried Washington state cherries, rosemary spaghetti squash and fried leeks. We were treated to two different Amarone wines with this course!


The shortrib by itself was amazing, but a bite with all the elements on the plate was truly something special. And the flavors stood up to the large and in charge Amarone wines paired with this dish.

The meal ended with the decadent and sweet triple chocolate mousse torte that was as fluffy as the cloud of foodie happiness I floated home on.


The food, the wine, and the knowledge and experience that were all shared at the Amarone Wine Dinner made the entire evening truly a treat!

Stay tuned for more special event dinners at Michaelangelo’s (they had a Truffle Dinner a couple months ago) and, the next time you’re thinking about dining in Little Italy, pop into this delicious restaurant for an experience you’ll love!

***Disclosure: I was invited to attend the Michaelangelo’s Amarone Wine Dinner in exchange for covering the event. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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