Why? red e vodka!

A lot of you are probably familiar with the wineries in Ashtabula, but did you know that there’s a distillery out there too? Red Eagle Distillery is creating craft spirits that make delicious cocktails.


I got a chance to visit Red Eagle Distillery and chat with Eddy specifically about red e vodka, which is made from concord grapes that grow on vines you can see from the windows of the distillery. Talk about a hyper-local product!


red e vodka is so tasty in cocktails, like this peppermint concoction above. Matthew also whipped up a holiday beverage with pomegranate liquor, St. Germaine, and red e vodka.


red e vodka has a smoother mouth feel and sweeter taste than most neutral vodkas. I took a sip of it straight and didn’t make the “yuck, straight alcohol” face! While it’s sweetness doesn’t lend it to use in a drink like a bloody mary, red e vodka is surprisingly versatile and compliments a lot of cocktails.

The production of Red Eagle Spirits takes place right on site and ensures high quality and yummy spirits that are a great (and fun) way to shop local.

Red Eagle Distillery also makes bourbon, rye, brandy, and a very unique and delicious red maple spirit. If you stop in to Red Eagle Distillery, you can enjoy a menu of craft cocktails that incorporate these different spirits.


You can also find red e vodka at select stores and restaurants in Cleveland and Columbus, including Collision Bend Brewing and The Flying Fig.

And if you want to take a trip out to Ashtabula County this winter, there are plenty of things to enjoy:

The wineries aren’t just great for summer and Ashtabula County offers more spirits than just wine, too. Check it out!

***Disclosure: I was invited to tour the Red Eagle Distillery. I received complimentary tastes of spirits, as well as a bottle of red e vodka and glasses to take home. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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