Why? ClusterTruck!

Ever wish you could get the delicious street food of a food truck delivered to your door? Or wish that ordering in could fit every style of food that your group is craving from pizza to Pad Thai?

Well, wish no more! ClusterTruck has brought it’s brand of fun, delicious, street food-style delivery service to Cleveland.


ClusterTruck focuses on chef-driven, delicious meals that stand up to delivery and arrive just as delicious as they are when they’re made. The ClusterTruck system is designed to fire your food so that it goes immediately to your delivery driver and then to you. In fact, most orders take 21 minutes from order to delivery.


The menu ranges from breakfast to burgers to rice bowls to mac ‘n cheese to pizza.


On my recent visit to ClusterTruck’s bustling and friendly kitchen, I got to sample a wide range of delicious menu items. Some of my favorites:

Mac ‘n cheese with smoked pulled pork, so cheesy and smoky and comforting!


Buffalo chicken tots, which needs a bit of everything to create a perfect bit!


The Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, which is tender and juicy and has an amazing meat-to-bun ratio.


The Chicken Potsticker Stir Fry, which I can’t decide whether I like the potsticker or noodles the best.


Fajita Short Rib Tacos, which I devoured too quickly to get a picture.

Oh, and don’t skip ordering a cookie with your meal!


Most of ClusterTruck’s meals range between $8-$12. ClusterTruck’s delivery area is currently limited to downtown Cleveland to ensure the highest quality food experience.

For the expanding population of downtown residents and for the downtown workers looking for an awesome lunch option, ClusterTruck is great! They also make group ordering easy, where everyone can pay and have their food packaged separately.

I have two discount codes to share for you to enjoy ClusterTruck:

216WHY will earn new ClusterTruck customers a free entrée with a $10 minimum order

216YCLE will earn returning ClusterTruck customers $5 off a $20 order

For delicious food delivered right to you, give ClusterTruck a try!

***Disclosure: I was invited to a complimentary tour and tasting at ClusterTruck. I also received a personal discount code for a free delivery. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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