Why? CycleBar Hudson!

Yesterday, I got a chance to “Rock My Ride” at the brand-new CycleBar Hudson.


It had been a long time since I attended a cycling class and, even when I did go, I had never been to a studio like CycleBar.

I love all the red and white décor, which is CycleBar’s signature. I also love the refreshment station, perfect for fueling up before or after your ride.


Once you enter the studio, the bikes are close together and the room is dimly lit. My instructor, Tracy, helped me set up my bike, get my shoes clipped in, and generally feel ready to ride. Tracy’s cues during the class were very helpful, both in terms of what gear to set your bike and what RPM to try to reach.


The music was upbeat, which is perfect, since at CycleBar, you ride to the beat. I might have been singing along to “This is How We Do It,” as I gained more confidence in my ride.

We had a couple races during class, when our stats were posted on the screens. At the end of class, we received an email with our cycle stats: average RPM, class rank, calories burned, and more. As you continue to attend CycleBar classes, you can compare your results over time.


What I enjoyed about Tracy’s class was that it was motivating without being too harsh. I wanted to challenge myself and I felt a great natural endorphin high all throughout class. Tracy said that CycleBar quickly becomes the place you want to come to celebrate good days and work out bad ones and I can see how that would be true!

To welcome you to CycleBar Hudson, the studio is offering unlimited free classes from now through January 24. Click here to check out the schedule and rock your ride risk-free!

***Disclosure: I was invited to attend a complimentary class at CycleBar Hudson. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***



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