Why? Annie’s Signature Sweets Tart Class!

While I love to cook and bake, there are certain items I don’t generally take the time and effort to make. Tarts are definitely one of those precision treats that I love to eat, but don’t often make.


So when my friend Ann of Annie’s Signature Sweets said she’d be teaching a tart-making class, I immediately signed up!

The class was held at the commercial kitchen where Annie’s Signature Sweets shares space in the Hildebrandt Provisions Company building. This building is a great example of making use of existing space to give up-and-coming small businesses a place to work their craft.

Ann took us through how to make the perfect tart dough.


And then we got to roll it and shape it into 4-inch tart pans.


While the shells were baking, we all helped make three different tart fillings: chocolate ganache, lemon curd, and sauteed apples with brown sugar.


Then we got to pick our fillings and our tasty additions. I added raspberries and chocolate-covered espresso beans to my chocolate ganache tart, blueberries to my lemon curd tart, and oats and caramel to my apple tart.


Everyone had their own spin on adding to the fillings, which were delicious even on their own. I took home 4 homemade tarts, as well as a ton of knowledge on how to make these tasty treats for myself.

Ann made learning how to make pastry fun and relaxed. Everyone in the class worked together and we all felt like friends by the time we left. If you want a hands-on experience that gives you a tasty take-home gift, Annie’s Signature Sweets is offering another tart class on Sunday, February 11 from 11:30am-1:30pm. Cost to attend is $45.

And if you need some professional tarts for a party, meeting, or just your average Wednesday, Annie’s Signature Sweets sells the same 4-inch tarts we made in the class for $6 a piece in pecan, chocolate, lemon, and cherry oat. Click here to order and to see the other offerings such as cookies, cheesecakes, and larger tarts. Support this sweet local small business!


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