Why? #FunWithFish at Heinen’s!

Lent is just around the corner, which really is just an excuse for me to weekly incorporate fish and seafood into my diet. While I love fish and seafood, though, cooking it is intimidating between worrying that I’m overcooking it or worrying that I didn’t get a good product to start.

Which is why Heinen’s #FunWithFish event was so great, because it put my mind at ease on both counts.


Held at the gorgeous Trevarrow Inc. Showroom (if you want an instantaneous desire to redo your kitchen, head there now), Heinen’s brought together cookbook author Carla Snyder, along with representatives from Catanese Classic Seafood, Philly Seafood, and Foods in Season to teach us all about how to select and cook great fish and seafood.


Carla took us through three easy, imaginative, and delicious dishes, sure to tempt even those who might be a little wary of fish. We watched her prepare and got to sample each dish, as well as taking home the recipes and some of the essential seasonings for the dishes, too.

First was a shrimp salad with arugula, feta, ouzo, tomatoes, and fennel. The shrimp (courtesy of Philly Seafood and available at Heinen’s) were so delicious and the fresh, Mediterranean flavors allowed the seafood to shine.

IMG_9917 (1)

Carla’s tip for spot-on shrimp: cook them in heavily salted water and boil for only a minute, then let the shrimp set in the pot off the heat for a few more minutes.

Next was my favorite dish of the night: sole with curry browned butter, served atop roasted cauliflower. Simple, delicious, and packed with flavor!

IMG_9919 (1)

I would be so nervous about overcooking this delicate fish. Carla’s tip: cook on medium/high heat for seven minutes per inch of fish. This tip can be easily applied to any type of fish to create a perfectly-done piece!

Finally, we enjoyed salmon with charmoula. While all of Carla’s dishes were well-seasoned and dressed, the accoutrements still let the fish be the star of the dish.


Carla’s tip: the fresher the fish, the less likely it is to have a “fishy” taste. Buy fresh and take advantage of Heinen’s amazing selection, as well as their ability to overnight ship fresh fish and seafood from around the country right to you.

Heinen’s also provided great wine suggestions, from champagne to rose to pinot noir to pair with each dish. One stop shopping for your perfect meal!


Aside from all the great cooking tips, the big takeaway of the night was the pride that Heinen’s and the Heinen’s vendors take in their products. They are committed to sustainability and high-quality products, both wild and farm-raised, that taste great and that you can feel great about purchasing.

If you want to check out Heinen’s amazing seafood and fish selection for yourself, there’s no better time. Heinen’s Hook, Line and Sinker Sale takes place February 9 through February 11 with deals on shrimp, salmon, crab cakes, and more. Don’t miss out on this great catch!

I’ve been a committed Heinen’s shopper for a long time and I’m constantly finding new reasons to be impressed and further convince me not to shop anywhere else!

***Disclosure: I was invited by Heinen’s to attend the complimentary #FunWithFish event. I also received a take-home bag of Heinen’s products. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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