Why? Luca West!

If you’ve been to Luca Italian Cuisine in the Flats, you know their delicious take on Italian food is not to be missed. Which was why I was so excited to hear about Luca West, the new restaurant from the couple that started Luca in the Flats.

We started with some of the to-die-for, eat-it-all Luca bread, served with oil, Parmesan, and garlic.


Seriously, I cannot get enough of this bread. It’s amazing!

Mom and I then shared the truffled crab bisque, which is not overly creamy and filled with rich truffle flavor and large pieces of tender crab meat.


Use the bread to dunk in the soup. Thank me later (or just steal me some of the bread).

For my entree, I chose the bucatini with Maine lobster tail. The handmade pasta was perfect and the spicy tomato and rose prosecco sauce was a nice compliment to the richness of the lobster.


Mom chose the veal chop with shaved black truffle and truffle butter.


The veal was spot-on! Who can resist the earthy flavor of truffles, too?

And of course we couldn’t resist dessert! We shared the cannoli, which were the perfect sweet treat to cap off all the Italian deliciousness.


Luca West is just as tasty and welcoming and wonderful as the original! Don’t miss this western version of this fantastic restaurant!


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