Why? Puerto Vallarta!

We’re back! And I can’t wait to tell you all about our fabulous vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Our friends Justin and Nick invited us to join their group staying in Puerto Vallarta and we left with a tan and a ton of new friends, too!

Playa Fiesta

We stayed at this gorgeous, boutique hotel called Playa Fiesta.


Playa Fiesta specializes in weddings and small groups and provides a beautiful, intimate, service-focused vacation. We’re used to staying at larger resorts, so staying at a 28-room hotel was a shift for us. But what I loved was how we got to know everyone from the staff to the guests and how the entire time felt like one big party with friends.


The food at the resort was amazing, too. Unlike the bigger resorts, Playa Fiesta has one restaurant, but the offerings at breakfast, lunch, and dinner were diverse and delicious. The French toast became a morning favorite and the pesto chicken salad at lunch was not to be missed.


And whether it was a fajita bar or ordering off the menu at dinner, we were never disappointed in the quality of the food.

Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Playa Fiesta is close to downtown Puerto Vallarta, which allowed us the opportunity to go into town and explore.


The boardwalk area in Puerto Vallarta is lovely, with tons of restaurants and shops and a beautiful pier.


We had dinner one night at La Palapa, a restaurant with tables right on the beach so that you could watch the sunset. The food was delicious! The seafood was so fresh: grilled octopus and shrimp to die for!

Between the sunset and strolling mariachi players, it was a perfect Valentine’s meal!


But it’s not just fine dining that you can find in Puerto Vallarta. A favorite spot among our group was Blondies, an alcoholic slushie bar that was fun and breezy and the perfect cocktail spot.

After a few Blondies, Matthew decided to try strapping a jetpack to his feet and levitating over the ocean. He had a blast!


We loved going down into Puerto Vallarta! The city has a lot of charm and character!

Rock Star Sailor

We spent an entire day sailing around the Bay with Rock Star Sailor charters. Captain Rick was awesome, making the day relaxed, fun, and filled with great sailor stories.


We spent the entire day out on the boat. Not only did we get to see an incredible sunset, but we also got an amazing show from the humpback whales living in the Bay.


That splash is a whale! We got to see them play and splash and have a great time. It was incredible!

We also had some amazing food on the boat, from mahi mahi ceviche to grilled skewers to avocado stuffed with shrimp. And don’t get me started on the margaritas!


What a perfect day out on the water!

We both feel so lucky to have been able to have the chance to get away, make new friends, and experience such a beautiful place in the world!

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