Why? Otter Grooming Co.!

You know I love sharing great local companies, so when Matt from Otter Grooming Co. reached out and I started learning more about his company, I wanted to share it with you.
1. Tell me about Otter Grooming Co. How did you get started?
It all started last Winter.  I wasn’t exactly growing a beard, but I wasn’t exactly shaving.  It was that uncomfortable in-between transformation, haha.  Being a resource person I went to Amazon and bought a bottle of beard oil after reading that it helps.  
Oh man, what I got was sooo bad!  It was something I wasn’t proud to be wearing.  It left this gross, greasy residue on my face that I almost thought the whole thing was a scam.  But, I knew that anything they could do I could do better.  As someone that loves to cook and experiment, for better or worse, I went to go find the perfect ingredients and scent combinations.
After some trial and error, I finally had something that felt good and smelled great!  Because I bought a bunch of ingredients upfront, I started to give some away to my friends and it was a hit.  From there I decided to start branding and launch an online shop and it’s been growing ever since!
2. What are some of your most popular items?
One of the most popular items we have are the beard oil & beard balm sets.  We’re trying to educate men that they should take care of their facial hair as much as they take care of the hair on their heads.  The sets are the perfect gift for people who are just getting started, or if you’re having a hard time picking the right scent you can try two!
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Another popular item came after a trip to Hawaii with our family last year.  Our hair would look its best after a day at the beach.  Between the sun, salty water and humidity, it was a guarantee.  When we got back I wanted to recreating this look at home and that’s where the sea salt hair spray came from.  It’s been very popular as well.
All of our scents are great, but I know finding the right one online can be challenging. I’m always happy to answer any questions people might have so they can find the right one. 
3. Where can we buy Otter Grooming products?
Glad you asked!  Online you can find us at www.ottergroomingco.com.  We also still maintain our shop on Etsy for our original customers in case they don’t know we’ve moved to our own site.  Plus, Etsy has an excellent affiliate program that people can use who feel our brand might be a good fit for their audience.  Locally in Cleveland you can find a small selection of our products at The Grocery OHC.  
4. Tell me your Cleveland story. What do you love about the city? Favorite places to go, things to do?
My wife Kristen and I moved to Cleveland almost 4 years ago (where does the time go?) from D.C. to be closer to her family.  When we first moved we lived right downtown in Playhouse Square, but we recently settled into Ohio City and absolutely love our neighborhood.  Everything is within walking distance for us and when it’s warm you can usually spot us hopping around the neighborhood on bikes.  We spend a lot of our time between Ohio City, Gordon Square, and Tremont.  One of our favorite spots is The Plum.  For our coffee fix it’s usually Phoenix Coffee.  And the best hidden gem is Indian Delight.
5. What’s next for Otter Grooming?

So much!  We’re still looking to expand into some local stores around Cleveland in addition to The Grocery.  We’re starting to blog more and hope to provide some valuable grooming tips.  And we’re looking to launch some more products this year, next being our line of tattoo balm!

So, when you want to look your best, look no further than Otter Grooming!


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  1. Makes me want to grow a beard, good read and good luck Matt on your new adventure! When I get a new tattoo, which I am years behind on and jonezing for one I’ll look you up to see if you balm has been launched.

    1. Sounds good! Just waiting on the labels to arrive so it should be ready for you.

      Be sure to check out the shop. We’ve got a great selection of other products in addition to the beard ones. 🙂

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