Why? #GLBCisMine!

Great Lakes Brewing Company is celebrating 30 years in Cleveland, not only as the first and most recognizable of Cleveland’s now myriad craft breweries, but also a pillar and pioneer in the community. Great Lakes Brewing moved into the Ohio City neighborhood it calls home long before it was trendy and established themselves as a company with both vision and heart, caring for the environment in particular.

As Great Lakes celebrates its thirtieth year, the brewery is asking its loyal fans to think about which Great Lakes beer is particularly meaningful to them with their #GLBCisMine campaign.

I enjoy the taste of Great Lakes’ beers, especially the Holy Moses White Ale and the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter. But it’s Great Lakes classic flagship Dortmunder Gold that is my #GLBCisMine choice. It would be easy to say it was my choice because of Great Lakes’ description of the beer: “…our flagship lager that humbly maintains its smooth, balanced (and charmingly unpretentious) ways.” Who wouldn’t love that?


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But for me, Dort is my #GLBCisMine choice because it was a little slice of home that I could find when I lived elsewhere. Dort was the first beer that Great Lakes distributed outside of Cleveland. When you’re missing home, there’s something really comforting about finding a hometown lager to enjoy. And when you’re telling everyone about how great your hometown is, it helps to have a beer to present as evidence.

As Great Lakes popularity and reach expanded, I found myself turning into a Great Lakes seeker, especially when I wasn’t living in Cleveland. I’d see the handles or notice the bottles and feel an immediate sense of home. I can distinctly remember being at the Great American Beer Festival when I lived in Denver and being so excited to see the Great Lakes Brewing Co. table.


So, while Great Lakes offers so many tasty beers, both year-round and seasonally, Dortmunder Gold will always be my sentimental #GLBCisMine choice!

Great Lakes Brewing Co. would like to know which of their beers would be your #GLBCisMine choice. You can enter to win a GLBC swag pack with a GLBC glass, a GLBC bartender paddle bottle opener, a GLBC t-shirt, and a GLBC hop-infused lip balm.

To be entered to win, share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by Saturday, March 10, a post that tells which Great Lakes beer is yours and why. Feel free to add a picture or video, but it’s not required. You must tag Why CLE? and Great Lakes Brewing Co. in your post to be entered (links below).

Why CLE: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Great Lakes Brewing Co.: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Good luck! And stay tuned here to learn more about the Pint Size Pub Tour, bringing the Great Lakes Brewing pub experience all over the Great Lakes region this summer!

***Disclosure: I was asked to help promote the #GLBCisMine campaign. In exchange, I received a GLBC swag pack and a variety of GLBC year-round beers. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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