Why? Cleve Stuff Apparel!

Cleveland apparel is all the rage, as everyone wants to wear their pride for the city! When Jameson from Cleve Stuff Apparel reached out to tell me about his company and I checked out their cool designs, I knew I had to share it with you!

Cleveland Stuff Logo 1

1. Tell me about Cleve Stuff Apparel. How did you get started?

I’ve been a graphic designer for 15 years, most of my professional career spent in Cleveland. I haven’t always considered my self a Clevelander, but the more time I spend here the more at home I feel.

During my time as a designer, I’ve been involved in a number of apparel companies but they were all fly-by-night kind of deals. Custom apparel is such a competitive market, it’s easy to be completely shadowed by the big fish. Like most things in this world, everything seems to have already been done.

The longer I’m in Cleveland, the prouder I am of this city. I’ve seen so many good things happening here in the last decade. There’s a buzz that I don’t think was here before. You have to spend time here to know what I’m talking about.

I know that a Cleveland apparel company isn’t a new idea by any means. There are some awesome companies already doing this really well. The idea isn’t to directly compete against them, my hope is that you find new and fresh ideas that you can’t find anywhere else, and to wear them with pride! That’s why I created CLEVE STUFF.

2. What are some of your most popular items?

A couple of the best sellers are from the “Cleveland Rocks” collection…


and the new “Neon” collection.


3. Where can we buy Cleve Stuff Apparel?

Right now you can only buy CLEVE STUFF online. I know it’s hard for people to buy things they can’t touch, but I guarantee the highest quality and comfort. My hopes are to be in a physical location at some point, but that will have to wait for now 😉

4. Tell me your Cleveland story. What do you love about the city? Favorite places to go, things to do?

I’ve never lived in Cleveland but I have worked downtown for the better half of 15 years. I just love the energy that is building in Cleveland, from the booming startup community to our kick-butt professional teams (I’m a HUGE Cavs guy), and everything else. There’s nothing better than being downtown on a beautiful summer day during a Tribe game or around public square before a Cavs game. It gives you a totally different perspective on Cleveland. You have to try it!

5. What’s next for Cleve Stuff Apparel?

I plan to keep pumping out awesome apparel, of course! What I really have my mind set on right now is giving back. I have reached out to a couple charitable non-profits in hopes for a partnership. CLEVE STUFF isn’t a get rich quick concept. For me, this is an opportunity to keep doing what I love and to help others at the same time. I want to help Make Cleveland Better!

What better to wear your pride than by supporting a local business who takes pride in our city too?!


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