Why? VNTG Home!

You know I love promoting local businesses, especially those with unique concepts, fabulous products, and female owners. So, I hit the trifecta with VNTG Home!


Megan Featherston, Founder and CEO of VNTG Home, created VNTG Home with the idea of bringing together people looking to downsize their homes with young buyers looking for fabulous home furnishings on a budget.

IMG_1345 (1)

VNTG Home offers everything from packing services to staging homes to consignment to help those looking to liquidate or downsize.

And for the buyers, you can upcycle VNTG Home furniture with a huge selection of fabrics and paints.

VNTG Home is a wonderland of options, from furniture to artwork to dishware and beyond.


I fell in love with some of the brightly colored chairs and couches! What gorgeous upcycling!

VNTG Home gives new life to furniture and housewares, along with making amazing home décor affordable and accessible. What a great concept and stunning execution!


You can shop and upcycle right on the VNTG Home website or take a wander around their beautiful showroom! Make your home creative and beautiful with VNTG Home!


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