Why? CampRents!

There are many things about being the mom of a boy that I’ve had to learn on the fly: the names of construction vehicles, the different species of bugs, and, most recently, how to camp in our backyard.


When Jeffrey mentioned that he wanted to sleep in a tent in our backyard on the same week that longtime blog reader Jenny reached out about her local backpacking startup called CampRents, it seemed like the stars were aligning to make a camping adventure a reality.


Jenny and I discussed what a perfect camping adventure for our family would look like and, from there, she picked out everything we needed to make it a reality. We received a three-person tent, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads, all designed for maximum comfort.


The tent was easy to assemble and I loved seeing Matthew and Jeffrey working together to get it put together.

And while Jeffrey didn’t want to spend the entire night outside (too many strange noises), we had a great time hanging out in the tent, reading stories, playing word games, and chasing lightning bugs.


I have to say, the chance to have some quality family time outdoors was fun for all of us! Even the dogs got in on the action!

CampRents made it possible to have a fun backyard camping experience without committing to a bunch of gear that we might not need regularly or be certain is best for us. Whether you’re camping in your backyard, in a nearby park, or in far-flung destinations, CampRents has you covered.


You provide all the details on your camping adventure and they pack you the perfect bag to suit your needs. Click here to read more on how it works and what’s in a standard CampRents bag (ours was a little more stripped down due to us being in our own backyard.)

Jenny was inspired to start CampRents after a backpacking trip where she spent tons of time and money testing gear for herself. CampRents definitely makes camping or backpacking turnkey, lowering your financial commitment and maximizing your fun!

Check out this local startup company for your next outdoor adventure! You’re sure to have a great time!

***Disclosure: I was asked to help promote CampRents. In exchange, I received a complimentary CampRents bag with the gear mentioned in the post. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***



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