Why? Local West!

A couple weeks ago, I met up with friends to celebrate my pal Robin’s birthday. We kind of worked the dinner backwards. Robin knew she wanted to go to Sweet Moses for dessert, so we wanted to pick a restaurant in Gordon Square.

Robin chose Local West, a casual burger and sandwich joint that served up some serious delicious sammies. Local West is all counter-service, but you can certainly sit and enjoy your meal there, along with beer or wine from their surprisingly expansive and diverse menu.

I was torn between about five different menu items (which means I have to go back), but ended up ordering the 50 Shades of Spice, a patty of 1/2 beef, 1/2 spicy pork, bacon, and orange peel goat cheese.


This burger definitely brought the spice, but it was nicely balanced by the citrusy, creamy goat cheese.

Robin chose the mac and cheese burger, topped with a brick of mac and cheese (I got some as a side dish and it is delish), crumbled bacon, and (more) cheddar.


Whoa! This is like two meals in one!

Our friend Amy chose the Italian Beef, with sliced local beef dipped in au jus and topped with peppers and onions.


So tender and flavorful!

We pretended that we walked off our dinners on our way to Sweet Moses and then ate it all back and then some with our sweet, decadent desserts.

For a casual dinner or great take-out spot, Local West is a great choice! The sandwiches are thoughtfully crafted to be familiar, but chef-driven and elevated to a foodie level too.


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