Why? Western Reserve Distillers!

While Cleveland has a reputation for producing a lot of great craft beer, it’s also gaining a reputation as a home for craft spirits too.

The newly-opened Western Reserve Distillers in Lakewood has entered the marketplace as the only organic spirits produced in Ohio, with a commitment to organic, non-GMO grains from family-owned, local farms. The superior grains make for a superior product.


We had the opportunity to taste-test Western Reserve Distillers’ vodka, gin, and spelt vodka against major competitors’ brands like Tito’s, Bombay Sapphire, and Grey Goose. Western Reserve’s spirits were cleaner, crisper, and just better tasting all the way around!

The production facility in Lakewood is impressive and will be producing not only vodkas and gins, but also bourbons and whiskeys.


See their full product line here.

You can buy a bottle of spirits to take home and enjoy, but you can also sip some in a lovely handcrafted cocktail at Distill Table, the restaurant portion of Western Reserve Distillers.



Helmed by Chef Eddie Tancredi, the restaurant features brunch, dinner, and of course handcrafted cocktails. From the bar, we enjoyed the Aviation and the Johnny Kilbane, but I also couldn’t pass up the Pope of Slavic Village, which tastes like a spicy orange creamsicle!


We also nibbled on delicious hummus, curry chicken salad sandwiches, and pork rinds made in house and to die for!

Craft spirits, inspired cocktails, and delicious food? Seems like a trifecta to me! Don’t miss the chance to check out the new Western Reserve Distillers and Distill Table. Stay for dinner and take a bottle of spirits home too!

***Disclosure: I was invited with a guest to attend a complimentary media tour of Western Reserve Distillers and Distill Table. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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  1. What a great event – and what a great place! We passed it for the first time a day or two before it opened, & I was excited to see it all over IG right afterward… confirming that we definitely need to check it out.

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