Why? Urban Farmer!

Urban Farmer bills itself as Cleveland’s modern steakhouse, a title which fits it well. The vibe is more casual, cowboy punk than dark wood. There is a focus on locally-sourced, artisanal products. There is a playfulness at Urban Farmer that you don’t usually get from a steakhouse, particularly one that can deliver on taste in the way this restaurant can.

On Friday night, Matthew and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Urban Farmer. We started with a glass of M Cellars Brut Rose, a sparkling wine almost exclusive to Urban Farmer and a display of the restaurant’s commitment to showcasing local products.


For our first course, we enjoyed the Rabbit & Duck Pierogi with onion, jus, citrus cream, and quinoa. This interesting twist on a classic Cleveland menu item was rich and satisfying, with just the right amount of smoky, gamey flavor.


We also feasted on the Braised Octopus with tonnato, ‘nduja oil, fennel, and lemon vinaigrette. These meaty pieces of octopus were deliciously prepared and dressed. I’m so glad to see more local restaurants serving a dish we fell in love with on a trip to Miami.


We also shared the Beet & Squash Salad, with arugula, citrus, chevre, pistachio, and beet meringue “croutons.” A really tasty and original approach to a beet salad!


Of course, the steak is the highlight at Urban Farmer, with New York Strip, Filet Mignon, and Ribeye as the standard offerings on the menu, and with options from grass-fed to grain-fed.

Matthew chose the grain-finished, bone-in, twenty-one day dry aged New York Strip from New Creation Farm in Ohio. The steak was perfectly prepared, tender, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious!


Not that it needed any accompaniment, but the Ohio Wagyu Tallow & Bleu Cheese Butter and the Roasted Foraged Mushrooms made fabulous compliments to the steak.


I chose the Georges Bank Scallops, served with pea risotto, pancetta, carrot, and lemon. Fresh, delicious, and with flavors that perfectly paired, this was an elegant dish!


We also enjoyed some of the seasonal Corn Elote with smoked jalapeno aioli, cotija, and scallion. Seriously, if you can get there before this off the menu, do!


And then dessert…Matthew chose the Eight Layer Chocolate Torte, which looked like a giant Andes mint and tasted even better.


My desserts were all set ablaze tableside, with the Cleveland Cassata Alaska…


and the Café Cleveland, which has Watershed high-proof vodka and walnut nocino, Cointreau, Kahlua, and La Colombe coffee.



Such showmanship and such deliciousness!

This is one of the best meals we’ve had in a long time from top to bottom.


The friendly service, the commitment to local products, and the sheer craftsmanship of the chefs make Urban Farmer a fantastic place for a meal!

***Disclosure: I was invited to attend a dinner at Urban Farmer with a guest. I received a gift card toward our meal, as well as some complimentary items from the kitchen. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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