Why? Wine and Gold Only Treats!

***Editor’s Note: This post written by Jeffrey, sort of. If I’m qualified to write in anyone else’s voice, it’s the one I hear the most every day.***

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because of the candy. I also like being a Tyrannosaurus Rex and roaring at people. That’s fun.

My mommy took me to trick or treat with the basketball players the other night because I’m in the basketball Kids Club. I got to be a T-Rex and get candy. It was super cool.


I met two basketball players and got lots of candy from them because their hands are so big. I showed them my dinosaur roar too. I think they liked it.


I also met the basketball puppy. He was funny.


I got candy and a toothbrush from this nice lady who works for my dentist. I ate the M&M’s first.

But I used the toothbrush before bed. I stayed up way past my bedtime.

And I got to play some hockey and basketball, too!


Mommy got a treat too. She wouldn’t share hers with me. But she always asks to share my treats.


I had lots of fun. I can’t wait to go see those basketball players that I trick or treated with play in a game!

***Disclosure from the Editor: I was asked to attend Wine & Gold Only Treats as part of our complimentary Cavs Kids Club membership. I have an ongoing relationship with Hudec Dental as a brand ambassador. As always, all opinions are 100% my own (or Jeffrey’s own).***


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