Why? CLE Crafters Co.!

You know I love sharing great local companies, so when Andrew from CLE Crafters Co. reached out and I started learning more about his business, I wanted to share it with you.

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1. Tell me about CLE Crafters. How did you get started?

Cleveland Crafters is owned and operated by Andrew Dunn and Andrew Dorman. We are roommates living in the Warehouse District in downtown Cleveland. We specialize in Cleveland themed home decor.

Our idea came to us last summer during Cleveland Beer Fest in the Flats. We passed by several vendors selling all different types of Cleveland-designed wood furniture and artwork. Ideas of our own started to come to us and we were quickly inspired to create some products for ourselves.

We had just moved into our downtown apartment and wanted our place to display the passion we had for our city. The first few products we produced were only meant for us to display in our apartment, however friends and family caught wind and started reaching out for us to make more. From there it was easy to see the demand for the products was there and this led to the website design and us getting out into the marketplace.

2. What are some of your most popular items?

Most popular item has been our Cleveland Skyline. However, for customers looking for something a bit more useful around the house, our coasters and cutting boards are a great addition to any Cleveland fans kitchen and dining area.

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3. Where can we buy CLE Crafters products?

Our site is clecrafters.com. Also be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new product offerings and giveaways.

4. Tell me your Cleveland story. What do you love about the city? Favorite places to go, things to do?

Cleveland has always been home for the both of us. From the recent successes of the sports franchises to the revival of downtown, there are so many great things happening with the city today.

It’s great to see so many people moving downtown and bringing life back to the city. Feeling the energy downtown on weeknights and weekends is the best part about living downtown for us.

We’re excited to continue to see growth and national recognize brought to the city. We hope to help spread the word about how great it is to love and visit Cleveland.

Favorite place to go for us has to be Townhall on West 25th. Great food and always an awesome crowd!

5. What’s next for CLE Crafters?

Product ideas can be submitted through our website, along with customers sending in custom orders. We will continue to use this for new product ideas to expand our offerings.

We have some opportunities coming up to get into the marketplace at some craft shows and different events around the city. Look out for us at these events and continue to follow our progress on our social media!

Thanks to Andrew and Andrew for sharing CLE Crafters Co.’s story! These products will make for great holiday gifts in the upcoming season!

***Disclosure: I was asked to help promote CLE Crafters Co. In exchange, I will receive a complimentary item of my choice. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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