Why? Yoga Roots Fall Challenge!

Over the last month, I took part in the “Get Rooted” Fall Challenge at Yoga Roots. I always enjoy these challenges as a fun opportunity to take some different classes and win some cool prizes.

For some reason, I went all in on this particular challenge and decided to take 30 straight days of classes. So, here is what I learned from taking 30 yoga classes in 30 days:

1.I feel great! And I felt great throughout the entire challenge. The consistency of the practice really worked for my body. And even the vinyasa classes had enough chance for restorative poses and stretching that I never felt overwhelmed or overly tired.

2. Which leads me to: Consistency is the key in a yoga practice. I’m not saying you have to go every day for 30 days. But yoga is a practice and the more consistent you are, the more you will grow your practice.

3. Yoga is about more than just the poses, it’s about the breath. I found myself coming back to my breath more and more in my daily life because it was so ingrained from practicing so often. It helped me be less stressed and find moments of peace in my day. There were also times when I lost the breath in my everyday life and the only place I could reset and find catharsis was on my mat.

4. Yoga practice is also about community. I made more friends at the studio from seeing each other so regularly and I deepened my connections with the amazing teachers there, too. And since it’s Yoga Roots Teacher Appreciation Week, I’ll just say a big thanks to my teachers in this challenge: Katie, Aimee, Julz, Jennie, Tamsin, Justine, Cat, Heather, and Sharon!

5. I am stronger and more capable than I thought was. And I’m pretty sure I’m stronger and more capable than when I started. I wasn’t sure I could accomplish this challenge and I am so proud that I did.

6. The doing of the thing is the thing. The prizes were great and I will be enjoying my hoodie and water bottle and t-shirt for some time, but the point of the Fall Challenge was to do it, to grow and strengthen both my asana practice and my connection to the Yoga Roots community. That’s the real prize.

Have you ever done any fitness challenges? What did you learn from them?


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