Why? Hudec Dental Dr. Drill ‘n Fill Challenge!

You know that social media loves a viral video challenge and Hudec Dental is joining the fray with a fun challenge for their dentists and patients to undertake.

Jeffrey and I each had a chance to take the Dr. Drill ‘n Fill Challenge recently and we had so much fun participating!

The challenge was a mystery to us going in to the Hudec Dental offices, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to be doused in cold water or have to eat a bug or something (clearly, I have a vivid imagination).

What we found was a challenge involving the Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill Set. We had to make a mouth full of teeth using the tooth mold, remove the wisdom teeth using the extractor, examine the teeth with the mirror, drill and fill a tooth, and create braces using the bracket roller.

Jeffrey’s patient, Herbie, and my patient, Bob, certainly got a mouthful of dental work (all services offered by Hudec Dental at any of their 20 local offices, by the way).

Jen 3

Jeffrey’s favorite part was the drill, as you can tell from his maniacal laughter in the video.

Arica & Jeffrey 2

We’ll work on getting him to tone that down should he go to dental school. Speaking of, if you feel a call to take the Dr. Drill ‘n Fill Challenge and dentistry in general, check out careers at Hudec Dental.

I liked making the braces, since it hearkened back to my own days of wearing orthodontia. I had to wonder if this toy makes people want to be dentists. Or if perhaps this is how dentists keep up their skills…

The challenge is timed and winners will receive a $50 VISA gift card, as well as having their challenge video shared on social media. To participate in the Dr. Drill ‘n Fill Challenge, email marketing@hudecdental.com.

Check out Hudec Dental’s Facebook page for videos of those participating in the challenge, including Hollie Strano, some of Hudec’s dentists, and of course Jeffrey and me. 

This challenge highlights Hudec Dental’s lighthearted, dentistry-can-be-fun attitude, exemplified by their “Relax. And Smile.” tagline. Plus, this challenge lets the patients put the shoe on the other foot. Feeling like you’ve had one too many fillings in your life? Find some catharsis with the Play-Doh drill and your own pretend patient!

Hudec Dental has other ongoing contests that I told you about last month including Social Smile of the Month, Hero with Zero, and Share-a-Smile. These are all great ways of showing appreciation to patients and also connecting with them on social platforms.

For dentistry that is both skilled and caring, seeking to create a fun, welcoming atmosphere, look no farther than Hudec Dental. And if you’re up to it, sign up to take the Hudec Dental social media challenge.

***Disclosure: I have an ongoing relationship with Hudec Dental as a brand ambassador. I was compensated for this post. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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