Why? barre3 January Challenge!

It’s almost the new year and there are certain to be a lot of fitness deals and challenges to capitalize on new year’s resolutions. I tend to just tune those out, but the barre3 January Challenge really caught my attention.



The challenge is premised on being “balanced in body and empowered from within.” The barre3 January Challenge combines guided movement with daily mindfulness, provided by barre3 and Headspace.

Once you join the barre3 January Challenge, you’ll get access to unlimited studio classes through the challenge, new online workouts each week, and access to Headspace meditations. The barre3 studios will have charts posted where you can track your progress not only in taking classes, but also in daily meditation.

The biggest thing that sets the barre3 January Challenge apart is that it starts with the notion that you are already enough.



You don’t need to punish yourself for holiday eating and drinking (or any eating and drinking.) Your body is not a problem that needs to be fixed. You have inherent strength, both physically and emotionally.

Through mindful classes and helpful meditations, the barre3 January Challenge will help you tap into that inner strength, making you feel balanced in body and empowered from within.


I am so excited to be partnering with the barre3 Legacy Village studio on the January Challenge. Once I’m cleared to work out again (toward mid-January), you’ll see my rocking the studio classes, but I’m all in on the meditation for the entire challenge.

I have found barre3 Legacy Village to be an awesome community that truly supports one another and has your best interests as a whole person at heart. So, this January Challenge just plays right into what they’ve already been doing.


Are you ready to take the barre3 January Challenge too? You can sign up online anytime now through January 6. The Challenge runs January 7 through February 3. Cost to enroll is $99 and includes unlimited studio classes, 30 days of Headspace access, and a weekly barre3 email with guided programming.

Registration for the challenge will remain open through January 20, so if you’re a late bloomer, you’ll still get unlimited studio classes through February 3 and 30 days of Headspace access for $99. There is also an “online only” challenge option for $29.

You are already enough. Take the barre3 January Challenge to help you connect with that truth and feel empowered from within!

***Disclosure: I was asked by barre3 Legacy Village to help promote the January Challenge. In exchange, I will receive a complimentary January Challenge registration and some barre3 swag. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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