Why? United Way of Greater Cleveland Love Out Loud!

On Thursday, February 7, the United Way of Greater Cleveland will be kicking off its 2019 Community Campaign Fundraiser with an event called Love out Loud.


The event is at Magnolia Night Club from 7-10pm. There will be a DJ, cash bar with 20% of profits benefitting United Way of Greater Cleveland, and a spoken word artist. Cost to enter is donation-based (give $1, $5, $20, whatever you can.)

LOL Magnolia 3


Love Out Loud will focus on those affected by displacement and its lasting impact on our communities. Displacement occurs when any household is forced to move from its residence by conditions which affect the dwelling or immediate surroundings, and which

  • Are beyond the household’s reasonable ability to control or prevent
  • Occur despite the household’s having met all previously imposed conditions of occupancy
  • Make continued occupancy by that household impossible, hazardous or affordable.

Displacement disproportionately affects mothers of single-family households, families of color, and children.

The United Way of Greater Cleveland is working to raise awareness of the problem of displacement. Their goals are to spread awareness about house evictions, housing insecurities and lead; encourage the community to imagine themselves in the “shoes” of those who are affected by it; and, ultimately, to come together to develop solutions.

Join the United Way of Greater Cleveland for Love Out Loud and help kick off the Community Campaign Fundraiser focusing on the important issue of displacement.


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