Why? Spice Kitchen Whole Beast Feast!

There are events you just know are going to be amazing. When Spice Kitchen & Bar invited me to their inaugural Whole Beast Feast, I just knew it would be one of those events.


First, Spice is known for thoughtful, delicious, locally-sourced, sustainable cuisine. Spice is also known for putting on fabulous events, such as the Plated Landscape Dinners and Dinner on the Train.

The concept of the Whole Beast Feast is a family-style, three-course meal served at Spice’s beautiful long dining table in the center of the restaurant.

Our first course was a salad of Spice Acres mixed greens, with sherry vinaigrette, Yellow House bleu cheese, and shaved Quarry Hill apples.


This light, fresh dish was the perfect palate prep for the rich roasted meat to come.

General Manager Allison Pryce presented and carved the whole suckling pig tableside. The meat was tender and flavorful. I especially enjoyed trying different cuts and tasting the difference between them.


The meat was served with a mustard cream sauce with ginger pork jus. The meat could easily stand on its own, but the gravy was outstanding with it, too. When asked what else I should put it on, one of my dining companions suggested simply a spoon!


We also enjoyed roasted purple yams with miso butter, roasted cauliflower, and garlicky kale.


It wouldn’t be the Whole Beast Feast if we didn’t eat the whole beast. We were presented with every part of the pig, including ears, eyeballs, and brains (to spread on toast, naturally).

For dessert, we were treated to caramel apple pie, served whole to the table. I am a confirmed pie person and this was hands down one of the best apple pies I’ve ever had!


Currently, the Whole Beast Feast is available with a whole roasted suckling pig, but Chef Ben Bebenroth talked to us about plans to expand to fish and vegetarian feasts as well.

The Whole Beast Feast is available on the weekends with 6pm and 8:30pm seatings by reservation only for groups of 8-10 guests. Cost is $75 per guest for three courses.

For a truly unique and delicious dining experience perfect for a group of friends, a birthday, or any occasion you want to celebrate, check out the Whole Beast Feast at Spice Kitchen & Bar!

***Disclosure: I was invited by Spice Kitchen & Bar to attend a complimentary Whole Beast Feast. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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  1. What a cool event! I don’t think I could handle eating right from the pig – I like a bit of distance between me & my dead-animals-turned-dinner – but if I were a heartier individual, I would freaking love this event. Everything looks delicious!

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