Why? Hudec Dental Relax Smile Serve Scholarship!

You know I love nothing more than a local business that’s doing good in the community. Which is why I’m so excited to tell you about the Hudec Dental “Relax. Smile. Serve.” Scholarship!


This scholarship is designed to reward college-bound seniors who have improved their communities through service. Since the Relax. Smile. Serve. Scholarship program was launched in 2016, Hudec Dental has awarded over $60,000 to 60 deserving students.

This year, Hudec Dental will award a total of 18 scholarships totaling $20,000. The requirements for the Relax. Smile. Serve. Scholarship are as follows:

  • Valid proof of a cumulative or current semester GPA that shows a minimum 3.0 GPA. This can be a report card, transcript, or letter from a school counselor or principal.
  • College Bound Senior from Northeast Ohio (or Youngstown-area) high school in 2019.
  • A 500-word essay answering the following question: How did you change the quality of life in your community through service?

There are 18 scholarships available for 2019: 16 valued at $1,000; 1 valued at $1,500; and 1 valued at $2,500.


If you or someone you know is a college-bound senior from a Northeast Ohio (or Youngstown) high school, you can apply online through April 5 to receive up to $2,500 to support your academic growth and reward your service to your community.

Hudec Dental will host an awards ceremony in April to honor the Relax. Smile. Serve. Scholarship winners.

Hudec Dental is not only doing good in the community, but also encouraging, honoring, and supporting others who do, too. That’s something to smile about!

***Disclosure: I have an ongoing brand ambassador relationship with Hudec Dental. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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