Why? Hudec Dental!

You know what I really love? When the things that you need to get done no matter what can be done with ease and, dare I say, a little enjoyment. That’s been true for me with my dental appointments at Hudec Dental.


The Patient Care Support Center makes scheduling an appointment a breeze. When you call, you speak with a friendly specialist who can easily accommodate your schedule and get your appointment set up quickly.

I had my semi-annual cleaning and exam last week at the Macedonia office. The building is actually a historical landmark, set on a corner and definitely more stand-out and interesting than your typical dental office.

My hygienist, Amalie Podgorski, did a great job and was really efficient, especially since I had Jeffrey gazing into my mouth at the same time!

Dr. Cortni Gaffney was so nice and we even worked through a treatment plan to address my teeth grinding issues and the wear and tear on my teeth from those. She had great practical solutions for both short-term and long-term treatment. And the Office Manager was great in working up an estimate for the treatment plan, too!

I left with my teeth feeling clean and healthy, but also with the feeling that I’d had a nice, pleasant experience. We all have things we have to get done in life, but it’s great when the “have to’s” can be enjoyable. What makes that difference is the people involved in those “have to’s.” Hudec Dental definitely makes this particular “have to” enjoyable, from scheduling through check-in and cleaning and exam.

***Disclosure: I have an ongoing relationship with Hudec Dental as a brand ambassador. I received a complimentary cleaning and exam as part of this relationship. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***

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