Why? Stay Dog Daycare!

There’s a new local business in town, that’s making their mark by being the only 24/7/365 dog daycare and boarding facility in town!


Stay Dog Daycare and Boarding is conveniently located in Gordon Square, perfect for drop-off and pick-up on your way downtown. The facility is staffed 24 hours a day and you can drop off or pick up your pooch at any time of day.

If you’re traveling and need to leave early for the airport, if you work a non-traditional schedule, if you just need some extra hours at the office, Stay Dog Daycare makes sure your furry friend is happy during that time.


There’s a large, temperature-controlled indoor run, with plenty of space for the dogs to play and indoor K9 grass. If your pup is spending the night or eating lunch there, your dog will have their own private crash pad to go to. Stay Dog Daycare also has crates large enough to accommodate multiple dogs, if you have pooches who would like to stay together.


One of my favorite features is “Grandma’s Living Room,” with couches, chairs, and more for the dogs to curl up and enjoy.


Pricing starts at $9 for an up to 2-hour drop in (great for somewhere for your dog to go while you grab dinner in the neighborhood) up to $40 for 24 hours. Regular pricing includes group play, food, snacks, and administration of medication.

You can also add in extras such as bath ($25), personalized play or cuddle time ($15 for 20 minutes), additional walks/runs ($15 for 20 minutes), brain games ($5), and homemade treats ($5-$10).

Click here to find out about the services and decide what’s right for you.

You can tell the folks at Stay Dog Daycare will treat your pets like family, just as you do! Stay Dog Daycare doesn’t just watch your dog while you’re away, either. They offer monthly pup photo shoots for you to bring your fuzzy family to and plan to be involved with neighborhood festivals and gatherings to truly be a part of the community.


If you need a place for your pup to stay for a short break or a long vacation, look no further than Stay Dogs Daycare and Boarding!


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