Why? The Guiltless Podcast!

I have been really fortunate in doing this blogging thing to get to know some super cool Clevelanders. But I have to say, one of my favorite conversations in recent memory came last week when I met Joe and Patrick, the guys behind The Guiltless Podcast.

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Joe and Patrick have been friends for years and have the easy, natural rapport that comes from a relationship like that. The idea to do a podcast came when their mid-day office riffs on current topics would draw lots of laughs and attention. Frankly, I wish I had office mates like them back in my more traditional working days!

The name came from the idea that a guilty pleasure really isn’t guilty, it’s just a pleasure. Each episode strikes an easy, fun, conversational tone that makes you feel like you’re listening to a group of friends chatting over beers (which are apparently often involved in the recording sessions).

The Guiltless Podcast puts out an episode every two weeks and covers topics from depression to Cleveland sports (I swear, those two things can be linked) to notable Clevelanders (like an episode featuring the lady butchers of Saucisson).

Similar to something like The Daily Show, this podcast at times discusses serious topics, but in a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek way. Joe and Patrick understand that they have a platform and want to use it to shed light on great things going on in Cleveland. But they want to do it in a way that still makes you want to listen and have a beer with them.

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In fact, Joe and Patrick recently did a live event at Terrestrial Brewing Company, so you could literally have a beer with them!

What’s up next for The Guiltless Podcast? More live events, supporting The Village Feast in Slavic Village, and launching a network that will encompass the original podcast, as well as three others:

If you’re just jumping into The Guiltless Podcast, you’ve got 23 episodes to binge listen (is that a thing?), as well as follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Joe and Patrick are shedding light on cool happenings and people in Cleveland and are just fun to listen to, so check out The Guiltless Podcast for your next (not guilty) pleasure.


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