Why? American Cancer Society ResearcHERS!

This May, the American Cancer Society is harnessing the power of women supporting women for a new fundraising campaign: ResearcHERS.

ResearcHERS directs funds specifically to women doing research that could lead to the next breakthrough in fighting or even curing cancer. Women tend to be underrepresented in research leadership and this program seeks to help level the playing field and support the next generation of female researchers.

ResearcHERS is a nationwide campaign, but the funds raised in Ohio stay in Ohio, at institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University, and the Ohio State University.

I am honored to be a ResearcHERS ambassador, which means that I, along with a group of other women, am representing the campaign, fundraising, and getting others involved in supporting this very worthwhile cause.

One in three Americans will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. From my grandmother, who died from colon cancer when I was just a baby, to my own recent brush with cancer, the disease has a deep and personal impact on my family. And I know that many of you have similar impacts on your families.

While each ambassador has a personal fundraising goal, all of our efforts are toward supporting the greater campaign in Ohio and fueling the research that will lead to potentially life-saving breakthroughs in fighting cancer. The ultimate goal, of course, is to reduce the impact cancer has on all of us.

How can you support ResearcHERS?

  • You can donate online to the campaign.
  • You can join me at Johnny Mango World Cafe & Bar on Monday, May 20 for a Fundraiser Monday. From 11am-10pm that day, 20% of your food and beverage total will be donated to ResearcHERS. (Click on the Facebook invite and make sure you bring the flyer in the invite)

Together, we can help fund the next generation of breakthrough, female-led research and help combat the impacts of cancer.


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