Why? Jurassic World Live Tour!

This week, Jeffrey and I got a sneak peek at the Jurassic World Live Tour roaring into Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse from October 3-6.


We started out by learning about different adaptations that dinosaurs developed to help them survive, such as large skulls, sharp teeth, and scales.


Our paleobiologists for the evening made the dinsoaur facts fun and interesting, with a Bingo game to help us learn.


Then it was time to meet Olive, the baby stegosaurus. Olive was sweet and gentle, posing for pictures with us…


…and even giving me a snuggle (although a dinosaur snuggle can knock you off your feet!)


It was a fun evening, getting a better sense of what the show will be like in October. While Olive is the smallest of the dinosaurs in the show, it was great for me to see that Jeffrey was not in the least intimidated by or apprehensive of her.

To be honest, we haven’t shown Jeffrey the Jurassic Park/World movies, but I feel confident in taking him to the show. There were a wide range of ages at the preview event and all the kids seemed intrigued by Olive. It’s sure to be a fun look at the world of dinosaurs with a slant toward learning more about these amazing creatures.

Jurassic World Live Tour will be at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse from Thursday, October 3 through Sunday, October 6. Tickets are currently on sale online. And you can save $5 off select tickets by using promo code CLE5.

***Disclosure: I was asked to help promote Jurassic World Live Tour. In exchange, I received an invitation to the preview event and complimentary tickets to the show in October. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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