Why? Birthday!

They say it’s my birthday…


So, after becoming a parent, I find I mark the passing of years much more so with Jeffrey’s birthdays than with my own.

That said, I’m still an absolute nut for my birthday. Just slightly less of an absolute nut than I used to be. I use this time of the year as an excuse to see the people I love the most, go the places I love the most, and do the things I love the most.

This year has been no exception and it’s been a pretty amazing birthday week so far. Thanks to all of you who have made in so special in person or virtually!

I find myself reflecting a lot this birthday and not totally ready to share (or even totally understand) all of those reflections. But I will say this…

Photo credit: @joyfireburn

I feel like I’m coming back around to something deep inside me that’s been lost for awhile. I feel like I’ve regained confidence and strength that were hiding. I feel like I’ve lived enough to know that I don’t know what this year holds, but also that I’ve lived enough to know that I can handle it.

If this is 38, I’ll take it.


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