Why? Happy 2020!

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! There’s been so much talk, even more so this year, about recaps and resolutions. And I’ve been thinking about what to write…what my recaps and resolutions are…

While I certainly have both, they aren’t formed enough yet as thoughts to share here. So I’m sharing something from a writer who has become one of my absolute favorites this year: Amy Turn Sharp.

She is a poet who lives in Columbus and writes just beautiful, inspiring, makes-me-feel-like-she-knows-me things. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here’s what she had to say about the end of 2019/beginning of 2020:

“The problem with this year-end look back sort of thing is that we are all trying to relive it and recall it while it’s December and we’re exhausted and emotionally fragile. We think it was much worse than it was. We can’t exactly remember the beautiful moments as strongly as the ones that broke our hearts. We compare our life to others without realizing that nearly everyone had time in 2019 that tried to break them. That probably most of us cried alone some. And we also all felt some joy, somewhere.


Very capable people hide pain. There are friends of yours who have money but not love. Some people in your life are struggling with secret addictions and mental health and still look so cool in the internet. There is a time bomb happening in someone’s life right now. You are filtering things through you so quickly. Take a moment to think collectively about the humans in your circle. Go beyond that even.


And if you weren’t brave this past year you get to be in 2020. And if you weren’t kind to yourself, you get to be in 2020. And if you didn’t put all of your effort into love and magic, well you know what to do. And maybe you can cultivate a new little habit of journaling and looking back each month. It’s how to get real with yourself. It’s how to sit in a chair in December 2020 and be calmer, less worried about the always coming future.



Wishing you peace in your reflections of the past year and strength in your convictions for the coming one, friends.

Happy New Year,


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