Why? Mentor Salt Cave!

Last week, Matthew and I had a new, relaxing, and detoxifying experience at Mentor Salt Cave.

There are two different treatments offered: Salt Cave Sessions ($25 for a 45 minute session) and Ionic Foot Baths ($29 for a 30 minute session.) We started with a Salt Cave Session, where we were ushered into this calm, quiet, glowing space.

The walls and floor are covered with Himalayan Sea Salt. Guests relax in zero-gravity chairs and listen to relaxing, spa-like music while you breathe in the salt air and allow your lungs and skin to experience the hypoallergenic benefits of exposure to the Himalayan Sea Salt.

Admittedly, information on the benefits of this kind of exposure were scant, even at the Mentor Salt Cave, but I will say that the experience was incredibly relaxing and that our lungs definitely felt clearer after our session.

Next, we experienced the Ionic Foot Bath, which uses salt and a light current to draw toxins from your body into the foot bath water. You also receive a color chart, so you can see what type of toxins are being drawn from your body (you’re welcome for not taking a picture of my water.)

Even more so that the Salt Cave, I felt like the Ionic Foot Bath left me feeling refreshed, less puffy, and generally detoxified.

Mentor Salt Cave also offers a variety of Himalayan Sea Salt products for purchase, from salt for cooking to salt scrubs for the bath to lights and decorative crystals.

I can’t deny feeling more relaxed and refreshed after our visit, despite my skepticism going into the experience. I think, like anything else, a regular routine is probably necessary to fully reap the benefits. Mentor Salt Cave offers individual sessions, private parties in the salt cave, and membership pricing. Click here to learn more.

Opening your mind to alternative therapies can lead to a lot of good, both mentally and physically. Have you ever tried a salt cave? What was your experience?

***Disclosure: I was asked to visit Mentor Salt Cave and received two complimentary salt cave sessions and two complimentary ionic foot baths. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***