Why? Well, Part 2…

Since last we talked here, the world changed yet again. I feel like I’m not even going to bother getting my footing, because the ground is ever-shifting these days.

Jeffrey and I are working on settling into a routine with school work (and recess and lunch and really more snacks than I thought one could eat.)

Honestly, I love the time with him, although my heart hurts that he can’t be with his friends or have the routine of Kindergarten that he so enjoyed.

His teachers are doing a phenomenal job with Google Classroom, posting assignments, extra learning and fun opportunities, and pics of classmates so the kids can stay somewhat connected.

I know how fortunate we are on the spectrum of all that is going on in the world right now, so when the moments of feeling overwhelmed or uncertain arise, I try to just breathe (or text or meme or walk outside or cry or laugh or drink wine or all of the above) through them.

I would imagine things will continue to be quiet around these pages for awhile, as places remained closed and events are canceled or postponed. I’ve been posting local news updates and whatnot on Facebook and Twitter, as well as lots of stories of how we’re spending our days on Instagram (if you’re a parent with a Star Wars-obsessed boy, I got you.)

I just dropped in here to say hi; to wish you all patience and health and stability; and to throw a couple resources your way. If you want to help those in need, consider volunteering with or donating to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. If you want to support our local restaurants in this time, check out this Cleveland Restaurant Take Out Facebook group for info on menus, times, etc.

Stay healthy, be kind, and we’ll catch each other on the flip side…