Why? Well, Part 3…

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I posted here, which tells you what’s happened to time lately. It both seems like forever that we’ve been doing this and just yesterday that we were living normal lives.

It’s been a weirdly busy time in my own life and that combined with the lack of “traditional” Why CLE? content has kept these pages quiet. My therapist and I talked about how life keeps moving forward, even now. Even when it might not feel like it. And that’s been true for me.

As you might have seen on social media, Jeffrey and I moved last weekend to University Heights. Having gone to John Carroll and with Jeffrey at Gesu, this feels so much like coming home. I love the new house and Jeffrey has declared it to be “phenomenal,” so I’ll take that endorsement.

So, now that I’m settled and some of the packing, moving, personal life dust is starting to settle, I wanted to check back in here. I also wanted to share some things that I’ve been loving in this time…

All the online yoga! Yoga Roots offers both live and recorded class options and I’ve loved being able to practice with familiar faces like my teachers Heather, Aimee, Justine, Katie, and Lainie. Plus, my girl Alicia has been offering weekly online Platform Beer pub yoga on Facebook Live, as well as her Grooveryde classes. It’s been so nice to not only stay active, but to do it with teachers I love and trust!

All the take-out meals! Not only is take-out a great way to support local restaurants, but it gives me a break from cooking. Some of my faves so far have been The Pompadour (because cocktails made at home just aren’t the same), Luxe, Il Rione, Le Petit Triangle (because brunch made at home just isn’t the same either), and Larder.

All the Zooms! While it’s not the same as connecting in person, it’s great to have the ability to toast birthdays, celebrate Cinco de Mayo, have a virtual housewarming party, or just acknowledge getting through another day!

All the walks! Seriously, I’m not a nature girl, but we all need to get out of the house these days. Whether it’s the Cleveland Metroparks, Wade Oval (those cherry blossoms tho…), or just around my neighborhood, a stroll makes all the difference in my day.

What is getting you through this time? What local businesses are you supporting? Let’s share ideas!

Oh, and in all the craziness that’s been going on in my life, there are some changes afoot for the blog too, so stay tuned…