Why? Higher Education.

Not only is CLE a great place to live, it’s a great place to learn.  The greater Cleveland area boasts wonderful universities, offering students the opportunity to not only get a good education, but also gain exposure to this amazing city.  CLE universities allow local students the option to stay close to home, while receiving a world-class education. 

But, perhaps even better, CLE universities draw in students from across the state, region, and country, many of whom choose to stay in the CLE and contribute to the community here.  While “brain drain” may statistically exist, I know of many more anecdotal stories of CLEfriends who came here to go to school and decided to stay after graduation.  Full disclosure: I went to college at John Carroll University, then left the CLE for my graduate degree (but I came back!). 

Now, I know there are a lot of colleges and universities in Ohio, but to keep this post at least somewhat reasonable in length, I kept the list to 4-year schools located in the greater Cleveland area (as I think it’s reasonably defined…the great prerogative of being the author of this blog):

Baldwin-Wallace College – founded in 1845 and located in Berea, Ohio – known for strong education and music programs

Case Western Reserve University – formed in 1967 by combining Western Reserve University and Case Institute of Technology and located in University Circle – ranked #41 in the nation and #1 in Ohio for undergraduate programs, #20 in the nation for medical school, and #3 in the nation for health law

Cleveland Institute of Art – founded in 1891 and located in University Circle – consistently ranked in the top 10 art schools in the country

Cleveland State University – founded in 1964 and located in Cleveland, Ohio – offering undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as NCAA Division I sports and one of the lowest tuition rates in the state

John Carroll University – founded in 1886 and located in University Heights, Ohio – consistently ranked in the top 10 Midwest universities and known for strong programs in education, communication, and business

It's my alma mater, so it gets a picture.

Notre Dame College – founded in 1922 and located in South Euclid, Ohio – strong programs in education, business, and science

Ursuline College – founded in 1871 and located in Pepper Pike, Ohio – strong programs in education and nursing; 80% of Ursuline’s alumni reside in Ohio (inlcuding CLEmom!)

If you went to one of these fine CLE schools, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.  Our strength in higher education is a great answer to “Why Cleveland?” and will certainly help to keep people answering that question positively into the future.

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  1. I’m a proud alum of Baldwin-Wallace. It was always a joke in my family that I could go wherever the RTA would take me. Luckily for me, I could have if needed!! BWC was an amazing place to enjoy four wonderful years. It’s a gem of Cleveland’s Southwest side for culture and inspiration across the board.

    My husband and brother-in-law both attended Case and loved their experiences there. We are very lucky to have such strong educational resources in our area! Great post!

  2. Proud alum of JCU. Would also like to note the chemistry department is quite awesome. Both chemistry and biology majors have a high rate of acceptance into grad/med/pharmacy programs too. JCU also offers many great opportunities for students to get involved in campus life through athletics, Greek life, clubs, etc. I am always looking for some excuse to go back and stay involved with John Carroll.

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