Why? Ethnic Enclaves!

One of the best things about blogging so far has been getting CLEguy, CLEfriends, and CLEfamily in on the blogging ideas.  It seems like someone always has a great thought for a post.  Well, credit CLEmom with coming up with an idea for a recurring feature exploring one of the best things about CLE – it’s ethnic diversity. 

CLE has attracted immigrants from all over the world, who helped build the city that we know and love.  These groups brought and maintained their traditions and customs, which live on in still-thriving ethnic neighborhoods.  These traditions have also become a part of the overall culture of CLE.  As just one example, Lola offers pierogies on its menu!  We are all a product of the unique melting pot of CLE.

The plan is to spend a day each exploring, shopping, eating, and chatting in different ethnic enclaves of CLE (and then blog about these days, of course).  So, here’s my list of neighborhoods that I’ll be checking out over the coming months:

Little Italy (both East and West) – Although the East-side Little Italy may be better known, there is also a West-side Little Italy to explore.

Slavic Village – Be still my pierogi-loving heart!  This area, settled by Polish and Czech immigrants, still boasts a strong ethnic community.

Asiatown – Not too far from downtown, this is an Asian food-lovers jackpot.

Ukranian Village – This area of Parma was recently recognized for its long-standing Ukranian heritage.

West Park/Kamm’s Corners – Irish pubs and fun shopping await in this traditionally Irish community.

What are the can’t-miss spots in each of these neighborhoods?  What enclaves did I miss?  Hit up the comments and let me know!

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  1. ClevelandChick

    If you go to Slavic Village, stop by the Red Chimney. They have pierogies (yum) and always get the chicken noodle soup (it comes with). *Everyone* in the neighborhood is there, from the cops to the grandmas.

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