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I grew up on a street that has a view of the CLE skyline.  When I was a kid, on the 4th of July we could watch the fireworks from downtown from lawnchairs pulled onto the driveway.  CLEmom and I used to go to the lighting of Public Square every year on the day after Thanksgiving.  I would visit Bruce the Talking Spruce, shop at the Twigbee Shop, and marvel at the magic of downtown.  CLEgrandpa took me to the Policeman’s Museum at the Justice Center.  I grew up with CLE.  I thought downtown was the most amazing place in the world.  I wanted to be a part of it.

When I moved away (twice), I would know I was home as soon as I saw the CLE skyline.  I used to hope the plane would get diverted into that crazy flight path over Lake Erie, so I could see the city as we circled back to Cleveland Hopkins Airport.  That’s what always got me.  That’s when I knew I was back.  To this day, my favorite part of any day is seeing the CLE skyline.  It wakes me up in the morning.  It’s a shining beacon at night.  It’s a reminder that I’m home. 

Our CLE skyline has changed with the times.  It’s representative of what CLE truly is…a strong foundation rooted in history and tradition (the Terminal Tower) mixed with growth and hope for the future (Key Tower, the Federal Courthouse).  Downtown is constantly changing, reinventing itself, with the addition of the Medical Mart, the casino, and many new businesses and residences.  Yet, the CLE skyline, even as it changes, reminds us that we’re home…in a city that knows the importance of its past and the opportunities of its future.

The next time you need inspiration, just look to the skyline.  I know I will be.  Have a great weekend!  Do something inspiring! 

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  1. John

    I remember when we driving to Cleveland to decide if we wanted to relocate here from NC. My wife and I both said, “Wow, its a real city!” Skyline sold us!

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