Why? Twitter Twenty!

A great answer to “Why Cleveland?” is the fact that we have so many engaged, active, and excited residents…people who are passionate about CLE and want to share their thoughts and opinions.  Another great answer to “Why Cleveland?” is having media outlets like Cleveland.com and the Plain Dealer foster the conversation about CLE by using social media to give CLE-ers a voice in their community.

For the last month, I’ve been enjoying following Cleveland.com and The Plain Dealer’s Twitter Twenty.  This is a group of 20 CLE-ers with a presence on Twitter, who discuss a different CLE topic each week.  Last month’s Twitter Twenty even inspired a previous blog post.

So, when Alana from Cleveland.com asked if I’d be a part of this month’s Twitter Twenty, I jumped at the chance.  And who wouldn’t?  Check out the company I’m in (info taken from the Cleveland.com list and participants Twitter bios)…

Cavalette23: Weeping May Endureth For A Night, But Joy Cometh In The Morning–Avid Cavs/Browns/Glenville/Kent State/OSU Fan/Season Ticket Holder/FreeLance Journalist
CleveKids: Our mission is to inspire and enable those young people who need us most to become productive, caring, responsible citizens.
consumerati: Journalist, Content Strategist & Sidewalk Social Scientist Tweeting about Culture, Media and Marketing. Tweeting about Call Tracking for pay @mongoosemetrics.
danielcollins:Creative print design, functional websites, and distinguished brand identities with a strict attention to simplicity, quality and clarity of message.
DTWilloughby: News about events and businesses in downtown Willoughby! Go Downtown Today!
hungryincle: Lover of all things Cleveland, especially food. Join me as I blog about my culinary adventures through the CLE! Follow your heart, fulfill your hunger. (I love anything I get to do with Hungry in CLE!)
jasonlansdale:  Marketing Associate at Cleveland Clinic. Interests: technology, healthcare, open government, sports, indy music, film, golf, food, rugby. Tweets are mine alone.
jeffsiliko: User Experience Pro. Founder of Blazmo Digital Studios, work full-time, CLE sports, devoted hubby and soon to be a father of 2 under 2!
jnomina: If you aren’t qualified to write about anything – write about everything
kaseycrabtree:  Long-time Radio DJ, now job seeking for B2B Account Exec position w Social Media, Media or MarCom. Creative Northwestern Alum, Social Media enthusiast, Blogger.
katieheddleston: Registered Dietitian, Blogger, Foodie, Nanny, Freelance Writer, Gluten-Free Half Marathoner. (Another great CLEblogger and CLEfriend)
kpaulmedia: publisher, poet, old school webmaster… Go, #cleveland, go! #216 #CLE #media
mikeammo: Marketing Professional, Proud OU Alum, Cleveland sports fanatic and car guy. Enjoy my personal tweets, take my pro tweets seriously. WARNING: I tweet a lot.
morgan_jody: I’m just a crazy and wacky girl, looking to get by in this crazy thing we call life!
railbirdj: Contributor to the Cleveland Indians @G9Sports site, purveyor of ridiculous opinions, and haver of awesomesauce. At your service
seanski82:  Young professional in the advertising/marketing world, living in the wonderful land of the CLEVE. I like food, people, my family, boats, nuggets and music. (Another fellow CLEblogger)
taawd: Communications professional, heavy social media user, music lover, all-around good guy. #HappyinCLE
timmybennett: Ordinary average guy. Big fan of Cleveland, friends and family, sports, bad music, karaoke, playing rec sports, going to and being in weddings


This week’s topic is which movie should win Best Picture at the Academy Awards on Sunday.

If you’re on Twitter you can follow along with the Twitter Twenty all month with the #CLE20 hashtag in our tweets.  And of course, you can individually follow all the Twitter Twenty.

If you’re not on Twitter, you can still participate in the conversation by following our weekly topics on Cleveland.com.  There will also be a weekly promotional section with part of the #CLE20 conversation on Fridays on Page A2 of the Plain Dealer.

Join the conversation!

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  1. This is awesome!! I had just read something about that in the plain dealer a few days ago! I just moved here from La, about 6 weeks ago and would love to be a part of this. I’m in beachwood right now but am trying to/ in the process of moving downtown! This is very exciting!

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