Why? March Madness!

We survived February, CLE!  We somehow muddled through the cold and snow of the longest shortest month.  And now, everywhere you look it seems like CLE is celebrating and getting ready for spring.  The Indians have started spring training and Opening Day is less than a month away!  I find myself with a case of March Madness…

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday and I enjoyed a multi-cultural celebration of some of CLE’s finest ways to enjoy this day.  My Fat Tuesday started out with paczki, traditional Polish donuts that have CLE-ers lined up outside bakeries at 6am.

These packzi are from Michael Angelo’s Bakery and are filled with things like lemon, raspberry, vanilla custard, marshmallow, and chocolate mousse.  Yum!  They were a hit at the office!  One of the great things about CLE is appreciation for traditional ethnic foods, like paczki.  In the other cities I’ve lived in, I would have to search high and low to find these sweet treats (or even have to explain what they were), but in CLE, everyone knows and enjoys and has their favorite place for paczki.  It makes my Polish heart happy.

After my sugar coma wore off, some CLEfriends and I headed to Fat Fish Blue for some N’Awlins’ style fun.

Fat Fish Blue was packed with CLE-ers enjoying live music from Blue Lunch, drinking hurricanes, and eating traditional New Orleans food from the all-you-can-eat buffet.  I particularly enjoyed the sausage and chicken gumbo, the cornbread, and the sweet potato chips.  I wasn’t brave enough to try any of the whole fried alligator, but it sure looked interesting.

All in all, Fat Tuesday was a great kickoff to March and a good example of the diversity of CLE – you can go from packzi to crawfish all in one day!

When I got home, I found something to get me ready for the next March celebration:

CLEpup approved!

I ordered the fabulous “Beer Me: I’m Clevelandish” shirt from C.L.E. Clothing Co. as the perfect St. Patrick’s Day garb.  But, I was surprised with some cool extras – including a beer koozie and 2 CLE pins.  I’m all set for the next March celebration!

Beyond St. Patrick’s Day, there’s a ton going on in CLE in March…

March Madness will be tipping off at the Q on Friday, March 18.  Even if you don’t have tickets, downtown in bound to be bustling with tournament excitement, so get out and enjoy!

The Cleveland International Film Festival runs March 24 – April 3 with events at Plaza Cinemas, Shaker Square Cinemas, Capitol Theater, and Cedar Lee Theater.  Don’t miss this outstanding CLE cultural event!

Twestival Cleveland is happening March 24 at AMP 150 benefitting We Run This City.  This is sure to be a fun event for a great cause.

Lots of exciting reasons to answer “Why Cleveland?” as we anticipate spring!  What’s contributing to your March Madness?

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  1. My March is mad as well! This Saturday is the St. Malachi 5 miler and tweetup that night at the Lizard. The following weekend I’m heading to DC for a girls weekend.

  2. I’m actually looking forward to Lent. I’m giving up frivolous spending and tv, and instead going to try and go for a daily run. Plus, there’s still a ton to do in CLE that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Enjoy March!

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