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Last night, I attended the fourth monthly Ohio Blogging Association meet-up.  These events are a great way for CLEbloggers to connect and chat about our city and our blogs.  This month’s event was a “blogger roundtable discussion” at Touch Supper Club.  I had never been to Touch (hangs head in shame) and was so excited to check it out.

As always, the Ohio Blogging Association event was organized by Poise in Parma.  Also in attendance were CLEbloggers from:

Clue Into Cleveland

Circular Absurdity


My Future Past

Healthy Day Fitness

Finishing Firsts

Healthy Heddleston

Life Lyn Style

Delish Adventures

Daily Downward Dog

Great Lakes Green Pages

Hungry in Cleveland

Greater Cleveland PC Users Group

Before we got to the roundtable, we poured over the delicious menu.  I selected the Great Lakes Christmas Ale short rib, served with fingerling potatoes and zucchini and topped with a poached egg.  The short rib was delicious and the poached egg really took the dish to the next level.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste much of the Great Lakes Christmas Ale in the dish.  Delish Adventures, who ordered the same thing, agreed with me – we loved the dish, but missed the Christmas Ale.  Maybe that’s why Hungry in Cleveland and I had to hop over to Great Lakes Brewing Co. for a nightcap after the event!  I needed my GLBC fix!

Poise in Parma kicked off our roundtable discussion by discussing her recent TEDxCLE experience – which you can read about here.  Each blogger was asked not just to introduce ourselves, but also talk about what we were passionate about (specifically passionate about blogging about).  And each person’s answer was as unique as their blog.  Sure, there were multiple food bloggers there or multiple healthy living bloggers there, but each person has their own story.  Each blogger has their own unique voice to add to the conversation.  I stopped counting the number of times I heard, “I needed an outlet to talk about this thing that I really love…”  That’s the motivation.

Every CLEblogger is blogging their passion – for CLE, for food, for healthy living, for running, for travel, for yoga.  That’s all any of us can do – be who we are, blog about what we love, let our passions come through in our writing, and hope people respond to it.  But, at the end of the day, we’re blogging our passions.  For ourselves.  If it resonates with you too, then we got lucky.  And, after all, it’s just a blog…

***Want more recaps of the OBA meet-up?  You can also read Poise in Parma’s recap here, Healthy Heddleston’s recap here, Clue Into Cleveland’s recap here,  byronfernandez’s recap here, and Delish Adventures’ recap here. ***

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  1. I wondered myself about the Christmas Ale in that dish – considering it’s so off season for that brew. Will have to pick Chef Fisher’s brain on that one…

    So happy you could join us last night – I’m getting spoiled in seeing you so often!

  2. a truly fun night with great people and food (minus xmas ale) … I loved the Ambiance at Touch Supper Club and their new art work is as always phenomenal.

  3. Jenn

    Used to love Touch Supper Club but after the New Years terrible service and meal, we are utterly unimpressed. There are much better restaurants in the local area!

  4. It’s great to see so many new people joined this meet-up! Even though I’ve missed the last few, I’ve enjoyed reading about them and I’m looking forward to the upcoming events.

    P.S. Rick had the short rib last time we were in and said the same thing about the lack of CA flavor. But they still had it on draft when we were there (March Madness).

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