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A lot of times, my Friday inspiration posts come from someone (or a group of someones) doing great things in CLE.  This week’s dose of inspiration comes from the opposite end of the spectrum.  The CLE interwebs were abuzz this week with the launch of a blog called CLE+Sucks.  For some background on the author of CLE+Sucks, George Nemeth, check out this Cleveland.com article.

CLE+Sucks centers itself around the idea that CLE has genuine problems.  And that those that champion CLE – called “rabid cheerleaders and cupcakes” – do nothing to help the city or fix the problems.  I don’t think anyone disagrees with strengthening and improving Cleveland; with promoting economic growth and development; with revitalizing neighborhoods and fixing schools.  Even the rabid cheerleaders and cupcakes understand there’s work to be done. 

There are those who see a city with flaws and check out on that city.   The second time I moved away from CLE had a lot to do with buying into the “CLE+Sucks” message – with believing the spin that there’s not enough opportunity, not enough growth, not enough excitement…just not enough.  And it took awhile for me to disengage from that spin.

And then there are those who would rather celebrate the good in the city, while simultanaeously rolling up their sleeves and working to make the city stronger.  Rabid cheerleaders.  Cupcakes.  Passionately optimistic CLE-ers.  People who see both that which is good and that which can be improved.  Our glasses aren’t rose-colored.  But they aren’t dark either.

CLE+Sucks gave me a renewed dose of inspiration this week – to keep loving CLE, to see the positives and negatives, to work to strengthen both.  Have a great weekend!  Do something inspriational!

And on a completely rabid cheerleader/cupcake note, thanks to all of you who are taking the Why CLE? challenge.  I love reading the tweets and blog posts and can’t wait to see what new answers to Why CLE? we all discover this month.  Remember, the winner of the challenge will be announced on June 1.

***For more CLEblogger thougthts on CLE+Sucks, see Happy in CLE’s post and Minor CLE’s post.***

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  1. Jen

    Thanks for posting this. Ever since we have talked about possibly moving back closer to Ohio, I have struggled with the negative mindset. Some of that has to do with how much I really do love living in DC, but some of it has to do with just being negative on the Ohio area for no good reason. I will keep this post in mind the more we consider moving!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration!

    While I don’t know the full story behind why CLE Sucks has tuned out on the city, there are plenty of ways to work around the leaders you feel are holding back positive change in Cleveland (which seemed to be one of his complaints in the PD). Of course, if you’re the one holding yourself back from making those changes, that’s a different story.

    It’s sad to see that someone has become embittered, but I’m not going to let that dissuade me from finding opportunities to help improve this city.

  3. Melanie Williamson

    I love your excitement over Cleveland! I didn’t think I cared either way about living around Cleveland until we moved away for a couple years. Moving back was the greatest coming home feeling ever. I’m learning now how amazing it is raising kids near Cleveland.

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