Why? My City!

Before Why CLE?, I had a blog that only about 15 people in the world even had access to: an online journal of the misadventures of this CLEgal.  When that ran its course, I stopped blogging altogether, but found that I missed it.  I needed a new outlet.  And eventually, the idea for Why CLE? was hatched.

The other day, I went back into the archives of my “old” blog and, while I was there, I came across this post.  Most of the posts on that blog were specifically about my life, but this one stood out as being broader than that.  It made me realize that the Why CLE? idea was percolating for a lot longer than I was aware.  It also brought home how much I’ve always loved this city.  Once a CLEgal, always a CLEgal.

So I thought I’d open the archives and share the post with you…

My City

I love Cleveland.  It gets a bad rap sometimes (OK, a lot of times), but I genuinely love it.  Moving away never had anything to do with not loving Cleveland (for me, at least).  Cleveland has this massive inferiority complex, which is so sad and I say it’s time to shake it off.  It’s not easy…when you tell people where you’re from and they wrinkle up their noses like they just took a whiff of the Cuyahoga River circa the 1970s, it’s easy to be down on your town.  But here’s the reality:

This is a city that has adapted itself to changes in industry and the economy many times over.  This is a city whose skyline has seen additions, but somehow managed to remain comfortingly the same.  This is a city whose native sons and daughters, no matter where life takes them, proudly call home.  This is a city who loves it’s sports teams, even when they break our hearts time and again.  This is a city where world-renowned actors, musicians, athletes, and chefs are born, raised, and return to give back.

This is a city where our sense of pride is tested, but that should only make it stronger.  This is a city of Little Italy and University Circle and the West Side Market and the Rock Hall.  This is a city of faith and determination and salt-of-the-earth people.  This is a city that redefines itself, yet always stays true to who it is.

This is MY city and I couldn’t be happier to be here.

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