Why? Deciding to Move Past the Decision!

So, yesterday was the one-year anniversary of “The Decision.” I must confess, I never would have known that but for Twitter and news media and all sorts of reminders popping up in my social media feeds and even on the MSN homepage. There are a lot of “Where were you?” “What were you doing?” questions. And there is a lot of anger still out there for LeBron and the way he handled himself. At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are a lot of people exhorting CLE-ers to let it go already.

“The Decision” was a break-up: a nationally-televised, horribly-embarrassing break-up. Like most break-ups, it wasn’t totally unexpected. And like most break-ups, it takes time to heal. But, collectively, maybe it’s time to stop being LeBron’s crazy ex-girlfriend.

We’ve come along way since The Decision: our Cavs got some amazing draft picks, one of our Browns snagged the Madden cover and the team is already generating buzz for the season, and our Indians are in first place in their division. We’ve got a lot going for us. To continue the break-up metaphor, we’ve got some hot dates. So, it’s time to start acting like it.

Maybe we won’t ever forget (or forgive) The Decision. Maybe there will always be stories and commentators who bring it up (such as this). But we can start by giving the appearance of moving on. We can focus on what we didn’t lose and, by doing that, the appearance of moving on may become the actuality. Need some help? Read this awesome article that still brings tears to my eyes. Hold your head high, CLE!

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