Why? Friday Inspiration!

I know I’ve told you what inspired me to start this blog: loving CLE and being profoundly happy and grateful to be living here. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what keeps me inspired. There have been a few CLEbloggers expressing fatigue or lack of direction or just general unhappiness with blogging. Certainly, we can all feel that way at times. But, for me, the things that keep me inspired on this blogging journey are what truly make it worthwhile.

I’m inspired by my readers. When I started this blog, I thought I’d talk about CLE in general, but leave a lot of myself at the door. It amazes me how much of myself I’ve shared on this blog – from my story of returning to Cleveland to writing about my Mom and Dad to telling you about moving in with and getting engaged to my fiance. I use perhaps cheesy names to refer to these people, but the stories and the sentiment are no less real than if I used their names. There’s a tremendous amount of personal good that comes from sharing real pieces of yourself with people. And I am profoundly grateful that you, dear readers, have made me feel comfortable enough to keep doing that.

I’m inspired by learning new things about my city. Through blogging, I’ve gotten to see more of CLE than I even knew existed and I’ve pushed myself to try new things, go new places, and experience more. It’s deepened my love for and understanding of this city. There are more cool events going on in this town than I even have time to write about. I’ve gotten to meet amazing, talented Clevelanders who do things every day to better their city. I got to stand on the field after an Indians game. I am at once excited, honored and humbled by the opportunities to experience this city in a deeper way, to give back, and to share that with others.

I’m inspired by the friends I’ve made. Finding true friends – not just acquaintances – isn’t always the easiest thing. I never imagined the new friends I’d gain from blogging and the existing friendships I’d deepen.

Thanks for enriching my life so much, dear readers! Have a great weekend! Do something inspiring!

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  1. You are absolutely an inspiration for me! I have been one of those bloggers that is feeling bogged down by it lately because I’ve been lacking motivation and ideas for quality posts…but reading this was a great reminder of why I love blogging so much!! Thank you 🙂

  2. I don’t just like this post, I Love it! I feel the same way. My sites have made me a better Clevelander and a better person. I’ve eaten at more places and drank many different beers because of it. I also get so much joy when a reader comments, or I can help someone make a dinner or drink choice. If I can help even one person, it makes me feel great about why I’m doing this. Also, meeting new friends like yourself has been an unanticipated plus to my blogging experience. Keep up the great work and don’t like anyone bring down your passion for what you do!

  3. Fantastic post! Lately, I’ve wondered what possesses people to give so much of their time to anonymous Internet readers that rarely thank bloggers for sharing so much of themselves. It’s not like we come back to a post and tell you how we tried this place or that event because we read about it on your blog. However, I guess you answered my question, without my ever asking it aloud.

    So, thank you for allowing me to see my city through your eyes and learn from you!

  4. Stephanie Fitos

    Jen – Your posts make me miss Cleveland a little bit, and I never thought I’d say that 🙂 You do a wonderful job capturing all that is good about the CLE, and expressing it in words. Keep up the great work and all the best to you as you plan your wedding! Stephanie

  5. It’s so nice waking up on Saturday mornings to read your Friday inspirations — always an excellent way to start my weekend. Thanks for expressing my similar sentiments – about Cleveland, blogging, and why I keep up with it even on days I don’t want to or have time – much better than I ever could!

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