Why? Sara Bareilles!

Last night was one of those nights I just wanted to put my arms around CLE and give it a hug. Yes, I’m a big cheeseball.

Before my evening activities even started, I had a quick nail appointment after work. While I was getting my nails done, the girl next to me started talking about how much she loves the CLE. She’s a college intern who spent her summer working in Cleveland and had nothing but good things to say about how the city is so fun, how much there is to do every weekend, and on and on. It was totally unprompted and made me so happy to hear someone come to our town and genuinely love it. She saw in a 3-month span so many of the great things we CLE fans talk about all the time. And in 3 months time, she probably has a deeper appreciation for and love of our town than some of our own residents do. What a great start to my evening!

From there, I headed to one of the best that CLE has to offer: The Greenhouse Tavern. The weather was beautiful (it hadn’t started to storm yet) and East 4th Street was jumping (and on a Tuesday night). I met up with the always fabulous Alicia from Poise in Parma for some pre-concert eats. As per usual, the food was outstanding, the drinks were tasty, and the whole experience got our night going on the right track. Seriously, before summer is out, get to The Greenhouse Tavern and order a GHT Bike Drink. It’s a combination of Greenhouse Tavern’s own lager and Myer Lemon soda. You can taste both the lemon and the beer in this light and refreshing drink. It reminds me of a really tasty Summer Shandy. Also as per usual, the conversation flowed as freely as the Bike Drinks, from CLE to jobs to our crazy schedules to family to my wedding to…you get the point…

After dinner, Alicia and I made our way to House of Blues to see Sara Bareilles in concert. Her Cleveland show was sold-out and the crowd was definitely excited for the performance. I had never heard of the opening act – Raining Jane – but I will be purchasing their album for sure! From the cello to the electric guitar, the four women of Raining Jane had a unique sound that their website best describes as “eclectic rock-folk.”

Their energy and the spririt of their songs was the perfect precursor to Sara Bareilles.

Sara rocked out for a solid show covering her hits, songs off her new album, and cover songs as well (including a fantastic cover of Mumford and Sons’ “Little Lion Man”). She was charming and sassy and just everything I’ve come to love about her music personified. It was definitely a “women rock” kind of concert. Sara told the crowd she was fighting a cold and, if that’s what her voice sounds like with a cold, I can’t even imagine without. She absolutely belted her songs!

From random lovers of CLE to a packed East 4th Street to a fabulous dinner to spending time with someone who has become such a great friend to a rockin’ concert, it was one of those nights I want to put in my pocket as the embodiment of Why CLE? for me.

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  1. I was hesitant to read this post, as I knew it would totally bum me out about missing the concert. I’m so glad I read it, as the 2nd paragraph about the intern made me smile. And, the Mumford cover is awesome! I immediately went to YouTube to hear Sara’s take on the song. I’m kicking myself hard for missing that, but thoroughly enjoying the video!

    Glad you had such a great night!

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