Why? CLE Boomerangs!

As most of you know, I “boomeranged” back to CLE twice in my life and am SO glad that I did. To read more about my boomerang story, click here. Recently, a Facebook group was created for CLE boomerangs, to connect those making their way back to the CLE and create a forum to share common experiences and our love for CLE.

The founder of the Facebook group and general organizer of us boomerangs is Tracy, also known to the Twitter world as @CrookdRiverWmn. Last night, I got to meet up with Tracy and some other CLE boomerangs for a happy hour at Bar Cento. Ironically, everyone there last night came back to CLE after living in the D.C. area, so we had a lot in common right off the bat.

@CrookdRiverWmn, @WhyCLE, @GregBellan, @doseofcre8ivity

When you’re in such a revitalized and bustling neighborhood, it’s not too hard to understand what draws people back to CLE. But beyond the cool neighborhoods, great food scene, fantastic cost of living, and myriad opportunities for culture and fun, the common denominator for all of us was wanting a place that felt like home. We all are seeking a city that is inviting and welcoming, where the people are friendly and down-to-earth. And we all have found that in CLE.

I had such a great time meeting other CLE boomerangs, talking about what took us away and brought us back and about what CLE can do to be more welcoming to boomerangs. It’s pretty inspirational to be with people who not only love CLE, but actively chose to come back here because of what the city has to offer. If you’re a CLE boomerang, be sure to join the Facebook group and stay tuned for the next monthly happy hour.

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  1. PLP

    As a fellow boomerang, I love this concept and the post! Also, you look gorgeous in this photo and I’m glad you were feeling well enough to get out. xoxo

  2. I’m not a boomerang, just a transplant loving Cleveland, but I love the concept of the group. How fun! Have you ever heard of Sprout Connections? They are a local group that hosts social, networking, and volunteer nights and was started to bring together people that had been born and raised in Cleveland. You might like it. It’s open to anyone, and I enjoyed the couple of events that I went to.

  3. Sorry I couldn’t make this one! Had me some prior obligations. Excited to make the next one, even though I’m not sure being away for not-quite-2-years makes me much of a CLE boomerang!

  4. Great post! Sorry I missed this. We had tix for Elton John at Blossom Thursday evening (great concert BTW). Props to Tracey for driving this great social idea. Hope to see everyone at the next event. PS-We also started a LinkedIn group for Cleveland & NEO Boomerangs.

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