Why? Weekends!

It was another fun and busy weekend in CLE! On Friday night, CLEguy and I went to The South Side for my dear friend Jennifer’s birthday celebration.

South Side is a great Tremont spot. Sometimes the service can be a bit slow, but the food is good and reasonably-priced and there’s a great beer selection. CLEguy enjoyed the pulled pork wrap, with cheddar and a fried pickle. I munched on some of South Side’s delicious hummus. And I tried a new (for me) Dogfish Head beer called Namaste.

This beer has coriander, orange, and lemongrass flavors and reminded me of Summer Shandy, but better. Maybe not the most seasonally-appropriate choice, but it has been uncharacteristically warm, right?!

It was a fun night celebrating with friends. And I saw this great piece of art by the bar that I just had to get a picture near:

It says, “I will be keepin’ my talents in Cleveland.” And I certainly will!

On Saturday, I got up bright and early to check out a community class at Nishkama Yoga. This is the studio where Alicia from Poise in Parma works and, after hearing her rave about it, I wanted to check it out.

Community classes are taught by yoga teachers-in-training and are free, so they’re a great way to check out a studio, or even check out yoga! My friend Theresa came along with me and it was her first time practicing yoga. She told me afterwards she’d be trying it again, so hopefully it was a good experience for her!

Nishkama Yoga had a great, calm vibe, the instructors were friendly and helpful, and the class was challenging and fun. What more could you ask for from a Saturday morning?

We centered the class around the idea that no effort is wasted. What a great thing to remember in both yoga and life!  And I loved this little piece of inspiration as I walked in the door:

After yoga, CLEguy and I headed to our menu tasting for our wedding at Landerhaven. While I don’t want to talk too much about the wedding and bore you all, I will say that the food was ridiculously tasty. Here’s a peak at some of what we got to eat:

Landerhaven did a fantastic job with the tasting and I’m sure our guests will be happy with the food that night! Plus, it’s exciting to start to see things come together for the wedding. It makes it feel more real and a lot closer, too!

From there, we headed to house hunting. We’re currently looking for a new home and have found a couple great places, so hopefully we’ll have new house news soon!

Phew…what a day! After all that, we needed Sunday to just relax, take down the Christmas decorations, squeeze in another yoga class…I needed lots of Namaste – in various forms – this weekend!

What new answers to Why CLE? did you discover this weekend?

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  1. Glassblowing! It was super fun and an easy way to explore your artistic side. I really need to try that beer – sounds REALLY good! And thanks for posting about yoga again – I really want to be brave enough to go, and between you and Alicia talking about all the time, it might just shame me into taking the plunge!!

  2. I am so happy you made it out to one of Nishkama’s community classes. I’m even happier that you found it as welcoming as I do! Next time, I’ll be sans double ear infection and I can join you.

    I can’t wait to hear more about all the “boring” wedding details! p.s. super jealous of the Namaste beer. Sounds delicious!

  3. Rachel

    Are the community classes offered every weekend? I’ve been on the hunt for a new studio and this place isn’t too far from me…

    1. The classes are on weekends and week nights during January. I’ve forwarded you an email with the dates and times. It’s a great studio…hope you have a chance to check it out!

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